Make your Forms Available Online

Simplify your document management process and improve efficiency with our amazing features, including:

  • The ability to ensure accurate form inputs with instant checks against your existing data, and with simplified dropdown choices and required fields.

  • The ability to enable your clients to complete, sign and submit forms from anywhere, while getting instant and automated feedback on potential errors and missed required fields.

  • The ability to save and store completed forms in a Dropbox or Google Drive account for instant distribution and availability for your employees.


An all-in-one solution to eliminate this:

Notefeed is an end-to-end form capture and retrieval software solution.

We help companies get rid of data stored on physical paper and closed PDF files by converting existing form capturing methods with a streamlined web-based process.


Multiple signing options

Forms with Legally-Binding Signatures

    Your clients sign with one click
    Visual signatures with on-screen drawing and other options
    Stored date and time stamp
    Verified signatures in Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word


Integrates with your Document Repository

Save and store completed forms in a Dropbox or Google Drive account for instant distribution and availability for your employees.

Save valuable time and money by eliminating hours of tedious office work and the errors that arise from copying from manual or handwritten forms.

Employee adaptibility is key to successful migration which is why Notefeed works with your existing content management program.

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Easily Find what
You're Looking for

Search and retrieve completed forms instantly with auto-complete and with preset search terms:

    By Date range
    By Form type
    By Value against field


Create a Submission Workflow Process

Process an entire onboarding workflow in one session, by simply completing a predefined step-by-step capturing and archiving procedure.

Present the set of forms to your clients as one link and in the order of how you would like to have them completed.


"The perfect solution for companies and agencies using forms to gather information from clients"

- Sarah Newmann, Educational Building Center


Make Them Happy!

Employees love the hours of tedious work eliminated by speeding up document processing and avoiding the many errors that could arise from copying manual or handwritten forms.

Clients also appreciate the web-based and mobile friendly forms that are ready to be completed, signed, and submitted with ease.


Smarter forms are better for you, your employees and your clients!